I chose to sell Meseta Italian coffee for one simple reason, I love it. I have been drinking it for years and genuinely believe it to be some of the best I have ever tasted. We stock Coffee beans, ground coffee, Organic ground Coffee, Nespresso and Lavazza compatible capsules, all made in Bologna Italy.

Organic Tea

Tea is my wife's thing, she loves the medicinal properties and the variety of flavours and Heath & Heather with its unmatched tradition and its Organic ethos ticks all the boxes.

Coffeedog Coffee

My first Coffee Beans are a labour of love for me and the culmination of a lot of hard work, i have created a unique blend to my taste in the classic Italian Espresso Style, it consists of:

60% Brazilian Oberon

20% Colombian Pitilit0

20% Indian Parchment Robusta

these are the first of the Coffeedog beans but the not the last, i will be developing different flavour profiles based on your feedback. Please use the 'contact' button to let me know what you think.