A beautifully balanced blend of the finest Latin American Coffees

Available in Beans or Freshly Ground

CoffeeDog Hot Chocolate

Rich and Indulgent, its makes a lovely creamy Hot Chocolate

CoffeeDog Chai Tea

Chai is steeped in a rich history. The name “chai” is actually the Hindi word for “tea”, which was derived from “cha”, the Chinese word for “tea”. ... But the traditional ingredients of a spiced tea blend usually include black tea mixed with strong spices, like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black peppercorns.

CoffeeDog Beanies


LONDON, Aug 6 (Reuters) - The most devastating frost in decades in top coffee producer Brazil and record freight costs sparked by COVID-19 causing massive shipping logjams are expected to push retail prices to multi-year highs in the coming weeks.

A hike in coffee prices will further raise the cost of a basket of shopping following increases for other items such as bread, vegetable oils and sugar. The United Nations food agency's index of world food prices for July showed a year-on-year rise of 31% at a time when many consumers are struggling financially due to the pandemic.

I am sad to say due to rising costs, CoffeeDog will have a very small price increase, our first ever.

SealPod Reusable Coffee Capsules

CoffeeDog Coffee

My first Coffee Beans were a labour of love for me and the culmination of a lot of hard  but enjoyable work, i have created a unique blend, to my taste, in the classic Italian Espresso Style, it consists of:

60% Brazilian Oberon

20% Colombian Pitilit0

20% Indian Parchment Robusta

These are the first of the CoffeeDog beans but the not the last, i will be developing different flavour profiles based on your feedback. Please use the 'contact' button to let me know what you think.



CoffeeDog Hooodies