Read about the When and What of Italian Coffee

Hello again,

today i hope to shed a little light on the different types of Coffees served in Italy and when they are usually ordered.



A single shot of Espresso, drank at anytime and often served in a glass, its strong or as i like to think it tastes of coffee.



A double shot of Espresso served in a single glass or cup, my own personal favourite, can be ordered anytime and i find it great after a big meal.



An Espresso with a drop or two of warm milk, my breakfast drink of choice, perfect if you dont like the large amount of milk in a Cappuccino.



An Espresso shot with double the water put through the grounds.



1/3 Espresso 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 milky foam drank for breakfast and never after 11.00 am, well maybe not never but it would be frowned upon, it was named after the Capuchin Monks due to the colour of their robes matching the colour of the coffee.



A shot of Espresso ' corrected' with a drop of Liquor often Grappa but sometimes a local one. most often drank after dinner or a very good lunch.



A Espresso with a drop of Borghetti Liquor, usually consumed at half time in a football stadium !!!



An Espresso served over ice with a spoon of sugar, shaken to a foam, very refreshing and a world away from the milky slush served by the big coffee chains, served at anytime on a hot day.



Never ask for a Latte in Italy as all you will get is a glass of milk, this is an Espresso shot with a enough hot milk so you cannot actually taste the coffee, can be drunk at anytime but what actually is the point of it ?


There are a huge amount of regional variations that are drank in Italy and most of them are very localised and are not available outside their locale but the one thing that ties them all together and is a characteristic of all Italian Coffee is that the Espresso IS KING, all coffee drinks start with a great Espresso.

thanks for reading, if you have anything you would like me to Blog about get in touch and i will be happy to if i can.