Labels are for underwear, not people.

Labels are for underwear, not people.


A Snowflake is one of Nature’s miracles, no two are the same, each are beautiful in their own unique way, so why is it now an insult to be thrown by people with certain views at other people with different views? Is it not hugely ironic that something that is almost defined by the fact that it is different from all the others of its type is now used to throw everybody who might have vaguely similar views into the same category?

I find it difficult to define myself and in all honesty I often find my opinions and views change on an almost daily basis not because I am wishy washy but because I love a good discussion and if you don’t find yourself questioning your views during that discussion then perhaps it is not a good discussion. So if I find it hard to define myself how can others do it? They would not know me as well as I do nor would they have the perspective I have but people throw easy wear labels around all the time and its stupid and lazy and just plain wrong.

A very good friend of mine, who is passionate about many things, very intelligent, a very good debater and a genuinely good man, insists on calling members of a certain political party ‘Blue shirts’, a man who I am friends with on face book, who is studying to be a barrister, insist on referring to people with certain views as ‘snowflakes’, the gun debate in America seems to be more focussed on ‘Republicans’ and ‘Democrats’ than children dying, all labels and all pointless.

 A Liberal by definition is someone who is willing to accept other people’s ideas and views, a Conservative is someone who holds on to traditional values and doesn’t like change, now neither of those sound like an insult and yet they are used all the time to belittle people and are thrown around like blades in a knife fight.

Why and when did we get like this? Is it as simple as the fact that discourse on Social media is so brief and so full of sound bites that we must skip over the bits like, listening and empathy and perspective, and go straight to winning a point (like a game of tennis that only consists of serves) or as humans have we started to devolve back to our essence, are we becoming simpler of thought and purpose? Is it no longer a case of “I think therefore I am” and more “I am therefore you must be…”

Labels are stupid and they are very dangerous, whether we are labelling an entire religion as terrorists or a person we don’t really know as, well as anything at all, you cannot define me by my colour or size, by my religion or politics, by my choice of coffee or my dislike of tea, as a moderately wise man said in The Life of Brian “we are all individuals” and please nobody put up their hand and say “I am not”.

I will end with a simple plea, let us try to argue more, yes more arguments please but with a simple caveat, lets make them old fashioned ones, the type that we used to have, remember when someone said something and you listened to it and then you examined it in your head and you responded to it with your point of view perhaps now a little changed now you have listened to their point of view.

Come to think of it that sounds a little like chewing your food properly before swallowing!

But NO LABELS please

One last thing on the subject of labels, why do ladies unmentionables (knickers) have a bigger label the smaller they are?


Bye for now, everything here is just an opinion and more than that it is only my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree but please take no offence as none was given and if your taking without me giving isn’t that a little like theft?


Bye for now


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