Whats really going on with Toothpaste?

Are Dentists and Toothpaste manufactures on our side?


The modern incarnation of toothpaste occurred in 1873 it was produced by Colgate and came in a jar.

Let us look at some other great strides in toothpaste development:


1892 – Placed in a collapsible tube.


1914 – Fluoride was added.


1975 - A herbal alternative was developed for those who did not like          Fluoride.


1987 – An edible toothpaste was developed by NASA and later used for children learning to brush.


1989 – Rembrandt invented toothpaste that could “whiten and brighten your smile”



Now let us look at that time line, in over a hundred years that is the development that has occurred in toothpaste! I am obviously not counting putting different stripes in or changes of flavour, so now let us look at how medicine has developed in 100 years.


1892 – Anti cholera vaccine


1914 – The Thomas splint which was invented on the battlefield and is still used today and can be credited with saving thousands of lives and hundreds of thousands of limbs.


1974 – Vaccine for Chicken pox


1982 – The first artificial heart is placed in a living human.


1996 – Dolly the sheep is cloned


2006 – A mini liver is developed using Stem Cell technology


To be completely honest the list is almost endless and completely dwarfs the previous list.

So why the lack of development? Surely by now the Dental industries could develop a tech that means we no longer need to brush or the Toothpaste industry could develop a product that would completely erase cavities and tooth decay.

So why don’t these multi billion euro industries develop at a pace that would be more expected? Is it because they are working hand in hand to prop up each other’s industries? After all who recommends that you brush with toothpaste at least twice a day? Dentists and who recommends you visit a Dentist at least every six months? Toothpaste manufactures that who.

Now this could all be a coincidence but when it comes to developing toothpaste that actually works, well I think the phrase “Turkeys voting for Christmas” comes to mind.


This is just an opinion and even more than that this is just my opinion, please feel free to disagree or agree but whilst you are here why not have a look at the fantastic Italian Coffee I sell.

Bye for now



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